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3 Replacement Plastic Cups for EssenceAire Diffuser.



TEI Spa Essence Cup Replacements

EssenceAire Diffuser Essence Cup Replacements (3 pack)


  • 3 Disposable Essence Cup Replacements



Replacement Essence Cups are reusable and recyclable. They are designed to be used with one essential oil scent and cleaned after each use. Taking proper care of essence cups will ensure that they last at least 3 to 4 months before being replaced.

Enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy at home or in the office. This unique diffuser offers a misting technology through the vibration of the water and ultrasonic waves, you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy and aroma therapy in one. As the diffuser operates, you can breathe in fresh, clean oxygen or add your own essential oils for a change in atmosphere. These elegant diffusers provide relaxation anytime and place. The disposable essence cups hold and separate the oils from the interior of the diffuser to avoid clogging the machine.

  • Ultrasonic waves vibrate creating a micro-fine mist of oxygen
  • Aromatherapy uses the benefits of essential oils for therapeutic purposes to alleviate stress and improve mood
  • 30 minute and 45 minute settings for convenience
  • Digitally controlled with auto shut-off when the water level gets too low


Unlike oil burners, the TEI Spa EssenceAire electric aromatherapy diffuser does not use any flames, so it’s very safe. The EssenceAire diffuser permeates a fine mist of your favorite essential oil through the air and one session may last up to an hour while Essential Oils scents may last an entire day.


1. Add tap water directly into the black diffuser tank to fill mark, which is a small silver sensor (approximately 1/2 an inch of water). Use only distilled, drinking or purified water in the diffuser tank, instead of tap water.

2. Fill the disposable essence cups with any type of water to the red line marked "Water Line". You can also add your favorite essential oil to add a nice aroma to the room. 2 to 3 drops of oil is sufficient.

3. Place the disposable essence cup into the diffuser tank. Insert the essence cup plastic guard to fit securely on the cup. Finally place the diffuser lid onto the top of the diffuser and insert steam directing cap. You may turn the cap to the preferred direction.

4. To turn diffuser and light on, slide the Power Switch on the cord to your preferred setting. Choose "CONT FOR 30 MIN" for a continuous mist. Choose "TIMER 15 SEC ON 30 SEC OFF" for intermittent misting of 15 seconds with 30 second delays, lasting a total of 45 minutes.

Once the water in the essence cups reaches a certain level, the EssenceAire will automatically turn off for your convenience.


To clean your EssenceAire Diffuser, remove clear plastic cup, empty contents, wipe clean and set aside for future use. Empty water out of diffuser tank. Using a soft cloth, wipe the inside and outside of the diffuser tank. Plastic cups can be reused by emptying, rinsing and wiping out. It is recommended to use only one essential oil scent per cup. 


Wipe the body of the EssenceAire Diffuser with asoft cloth or neutralized cleaner to avoid exterior damage and maintain appearance. Wipe the metal vibrator inside the diffusertank with damp cotton or a soft cloth. Do not scratch device with rough fabric, sharp tools, or brush with coarse tools. Keep out of reach of children. Only place Essential Oils in Disposable Essence Cups. Do not place Essential Oils inside the of the diffuser tank.

Designed by TEI Spa in California. Made in PRC.


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