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Benefits of Scalp Stimulation

What is Scalp Stimulation?

 Scalp stimulation is the process of rubbing or massaging the scalp with the intention of increasing blood flow to the area. The most common form of scalp stimulation is by scalp massage and is effective and recommended by the University of Maryland Medical Center to bring awareness to the hair follicles and promote relaxation

 Scalp stimulation techniques are done in various ways, from simple to more complex. For instance, you can ask a friend or spouse to massage you scalp with their fingertips by moving in circular motions. Or, while in the shower, you can take extra care of your scalp by using professional products for scalp stimulation. Either form of stimulation should be gentle and relaxing. This will also help remove built-up hair products, dandruff and oil, which can slow down hair growth.


 Hair Growth

 Massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation, which in turn can slow hair loss and nourish the roots, according to Hair Boutique. When you massage the scalp, you're strengthening the roots and helping prevent breakage due to dry or brittle hair. By stimulating the scalp, you improve circulation and increase the rate of hair growth. However, not all stimulation is good. For instance, pulling on the hair can damage the roots and cause strands to fall out. Wearing your hair in a ponytail or under a hat can also damage the follicles and shafts of your hair, resulting in breakage or thinning. A gentle massage of the scalp is really all you need to see improved hair growth.


A head massage is one of the most effective methods of relaxation, according to Hair Boutique. This can help you deal with anxiety, mood changes and depression, especially if used alongside other treatment options. If you're suffering from insomnia or uneven sleep, having a scalp massage right before bed can help you relax and improve your sleeping habits.


Scalp massages can help relieve headaches and migraines or even prevent them if your headaches are due to tension and stress. A scalp massage can also ease chronic eye strain and pain or tension in the face. Pressing on the sides of the head, just above the ears, is especially helpful. The Mayo Clinic recommends using massage therapy as part of a stress management program to help ease tension headaches.

The TEI Spa Difference

The Professional TEI Spa HairSonic Cleansing and Massaging Set puts the power of a professional device with dual function in your hands. One product is able to provide all of the benefits of Scalp Stimulation, including increased hair growth, promoting of relaxation and prevention of headaches. Furthermore, the waterproof HairSonic, used by professionals in the Hair Care industry for cleansing and massaging of clientele, can be used in the shower and on wet or dry hair to ensure the utmost of results.

Just minutes a day of scalp cleansing, to rid of impurities, dirt and excess oil, and scalp massaging, to stimulate the hair follicles and promote relaxation, will provide incredible benefits.




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