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Skin Cleansing is an essential aspect of personal hygiene. By removing dirty, grime and grease from the upper layer of the skin, one can reduce and rid of the layer of dead skin that accumulates over the skin’s surface as a result of natural skin rejuvenation. a lack of skin cleansing results in clogged pores which ultimately leads to acne, premature aging and dull skin complexion. Routine and thorough cleansing of the skin’s surface are necessary for skin health and beautiful complexion.

 Benefits of Skin Cleansing:

 Cleansing of the face and body is vital as part of a daily health and beauty routine. By removing debris, makeup, perspiration, dirt and oil, one can ensure proper skin health and rejuvenation. In addition, cleansing helps to loosen the pores, eliminate blackheads and reduce clogging of the skin due to excessive dead skin cells. Regardless of skin type, proper deep cleansing allows for dry skin to become hydrated and allows for oily skin to remove the excess of oil.

 Skin Cleansing is fundamental in ridding of bacteria which may infect the skin. By keeping the skin pores open, the skin can breathe easily and is less likely to become infected. Professionals recommend cleansing the skin twice daily.

 Sunrays and pollution may damage exposed part of the body, such as the face and hands, and result in discolored, pigmented and prematurely wrinkled skin. Skin cleansing is essential to avoid these problems.

 Cleansed Skin vs. Uncleansed Skin:

 Cleansing is the most important process of daily skincare. Aside from ridding of the harmful bacteria, dirty, sweat and pollution that the skin accumulates daily, cleansing the skin helps promote proper blood circulation of the face and body. A proper cleanse will give the skin a more pink color and glowing look, as opposed to skin that has not been cleansed.

What is Effective Skin Cleansing?

In order to effectively cleanse skin, you must first determine your skin type.

Oily Skin

Oily skin attracts more dirt and mixes with oils to make grease. Professionals recommend that those with oily skin cleanse at least twice a day in order to rid of potentials oils that may clog easily. Since oily skin has more open pores, those with oily skin should be aware that uncleansed skin may easily lead to bacterial infections as well as acne. Inadequate cleansing may result in pores getting clogged with oil and dirt and thereby resulting in dull complexion and risk of infection.

 Combination Skin

Cleansing twice a day is sufficient for those with normal skin. However, over cleansing is not recommended due to the removal of natural oils from the skin. Over washing the skin may also result in stimulation of the oil glands to produce more oil.

 Dry Skin

Those with dry skin must be more cautious of their skincare. Cleansing once a day is sufficient and more may result in sensitivity, dryness and premature wrinkles.


The TEI Spa Difference:

 TEI Spa’s Incredible product, The UltraCleanse Spa Treatment Brush, allows for maximum skin cleansing from head to toe. Unlike similar products which vibrate on the skin, the UltraCleanse uses 360° rotating brushes to cleanse the skin deeper and rid of all impurities embedded within the skin. The UltraCleanse has been proven to remove 6 times more dirt, oil, and makeup giving you the clean, clear and glowing skin you love to receive after a visit at the facialist.

 Four removable attachments ensure that your entire body has been cleansed to perfection, from head to toe. The UltraCleanse is perfect for use during travel and in the shower. Just minutes a day will provide the deep cleansing that your skin needs and deserves and will ensure the removal of dead skin, deep exfoliation of the pores, and proper circulation of the blood from head to toe.

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