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  • Benefits of Cleansing

    Regardless of Age, Skin Type or Gender, facial and full body cleansing has proven to be imperative to quality skin care and achieving the healthy glow we love.

    Benefits of Exfoliation

    Exfoliation of the skin is essential for ridding of dead skin cells and the growth of healthy, new skin in its place. Exfoliation at least once a week provides best results.

  • Benefits of Galvanic Technology

    Use the power and prestige of Galvanic Technology to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and the hard to treat areas which traditional methods fail to reach.

  • Benefits of 24 Karat Gold

    The ancient secrets of Cleopatra are out! Learn the benefits of 24 Karat Gold Facial Treatments at home for ultimate results.

    Benefits of High Frequency

    Use direct high frequency ozone for blemish prone skin by killing bacteria and eliminating oils while improving the appearance of skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Benefits of Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy has been known to have the power to heal, decrease stress, improve circulation and reduce tension in the mind and body.

  • Benefits of Scalp Stimulation

    The use of Scalp stimulation by massaging and awakening of the hair follicles has proven to provide lasting effects of relaxation, headache prevention and hair growth.
  • Are you an Industry Professional?

    Learn why more and more Spas and Salons are using TEI Spa Professional Skin Care Tools and giving clients the incredible results they love.

    See More Before & After Picture of TEI Spa Professional Results!

    I truly love TEI Spa tools and use them all the time at our skin spa at school. I will be going to the state board in May and cannot wait to get out there in the world of Esthetics and give my clients the gorgeous skin they want. Thank you again TEI Spa! – Liz S.

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