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  • >Learn about the benefits of deep pore cleansing and exfoliation with the unique UItra Cleanse rotating brush head!
  • Firming your eyes, forehead and mouth have never been this easy. Prevent wrinkles and aging with the best selling Point Kit!
  • Exfoliate dead skin, dirt, oils and impurities all while minimizing pore size with the professional Sonic Spatula!
  • Increase hair growth while massaging and cleansing the scalp with the unique Hair Sonic System!
  • Reduce acne, scars and redness with the best selling OxyDerm. Proven to give you clear, radiant skin!
  • TEI Spa gets interviewed by Mingle Media TV at the 2012 Oscars Gifting Lounge to talk about the Sonic Spatula!
  • This Beauty Lover and YouTube Blogger shares her thoughts on the best selling UltraCleanse & OxyDerm!!
  • TEI Spa shows the lovely ladies of Dirty and Thirty Blog the amazing results that The Point can offer fine lines, dark circles and puffiness!

  • TEI Spa visits Extra to tell them about our incredible Sonic Spatula.
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