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Exfoliation – Get Your Skin to Glow Again!

“Daily Exfoliation is the key to achieving your skin’s overall best.”

With the seasons changing from summer to fall there is work to be done to get your skin back in shape. Usually in the Summer months our skin is overexposed to UV rays and you may have also acquired some minor sun damage. We also tend to use more sunscreen and may forget to wash it off every night which can create a build up on the surface of the skin (GUILTY!!).

So the biggest question on everyone’s minds right now is “How can I get my skin to glow again?” My answer is always with the question “When is the last time you exfoliated?”.

Usually the answer I get is “well I haven’t had a facial in years so…”

Exfoliation is something you can absolutely do at home on a daily basis as well as incorporating a visit to your local professional every 4-6 weeks.

Why exfoliation?
Because it increases Cell turnover!!


Cell turnover is key when is comes to skin that glows. As you age, unfortunately our cell turnover starts to slow down. ¬†Without exfoliation our skin will begin to look lack luster, our fine lines and wrinkles will become more apparent and that hyper-pigmentation you may have acquired over the summer isn’t going to go away without exfoliation.

One simple solution to speeding up that cell turnover is daily exfoliation.
Now, not everyone can exfoliate daily. Keep in mind it’s based on what your skin can tolerate. Also, I am not saying you need to use a peel, or go out and buy yourself a glycolic solution off Amazon!!!! Please, oh please leave that to the professionals!!

Daily exfoliation can be as simple as using a GENTLE scrub ( rice bran powder based not that apricot brand), your hands, even your beloved Clairsonic can all be forms of exfoliation.
I suggest incorporating ultrasonic technology in to your skin care routine such as TEI SPA’S very own Ultrasonic Spatula. Start off by using every 2-3 days. If your skin responds well you can incorporate it in to your skin care routine using it a couple of times per week.


Don’t forget to book an appointment with your local skin care professional!

During this time of year you can find some amazing fall treatment specials specializing in exactly what your needs are based on your skin’s current condition.

So get that skin to glow again and exfoliate.
Happy fall everyone!

Andreana Garcia
Director of Education
TEI Spa Essentials

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