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Mineral Makeup – Mineral Air Airbrush System

Let’s talk mineral makeup shall we?

Mineral Makeup has been around since forever and a day.  In ancient times they used to ground up minerals and add natural pigments which was used for war paint, decoration and even camouflage. Anyone remember the lady to invented the cat eye? Cleopatra! She used natural minerals, ground up kohl in this case to line the rims of her eyes.

cleopatraIt wasn’t until the 1970’s when the founder of Bare Minerals Diane Ranger saw a need for a more natural approach to makeup and developed her own line of mineral makeup. Fast Forward to 2016 where everyone is even more ingredient savvy and are also more concerned with the types of ingredients that will come in contact with their skin. Nowadays there are more mineral makeup brands than we can keep up with.

How do we choose? Aren’t they all the same?


Not all mineral makeup brands are created equal!

Buyers beware! mineral makeup may not be as “green” as you think. It’s very important you read your ingredient labels and you are able to identify each of the ingredients and what is their purpose. To ensure you are buying a quality mineral make up always check the listing of ingredients. If the ingredients list “mineral-enriched”  it usually contains a preservative (parabens) or fragrance and those are the number one causes for irritation on the skin.

Here at TEI Spa we believe in bringing you the best in tools and ingredients when it comes to healthy, radiant skin. So earlier this year we partnered up with Japanese based company Mineral Air to bring you the very best in not only a mineral based foundation but a mineral based foundation that comes with a cordless airbrush system!!!!

mineral makeup white

Why did we choose Mineral Air you ask?

Well here is why – Mineral Air’s 4-in-1 Foundation is paraben free, talc free, mineral oil free, gluten free, BHT and BHA free, phthalate free, synthetic dye free and synthetic fragrance free. It contains 100% pure mineral pigments plus plant oils and extracts for a breathable coverage that hydrates and nourishes your skin.  Mineral Air uses a USB rechargeable system for it’s application and the application of the foundation can go from light to heavy with the press of a button.

Need I say more?

To get more information on the Mineral Air System please check our website or follow this link

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