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Introducing TEI Spa’s NeWave Facial Steamer

Introducing TEI Spa’s NeWave Facial Steamer
June 27th, 2014- Los Angeles, CA—TEI SPA® ESSSENTIALS INC., the innovative company behind such professional at-home beauty spa appliances as OxyDerm® and Sonic Spatula™ announces its new professional beauty tool: NeWave™ Facial Steamer-Nano-Ionic Steam Therapy.
Enjoying the relaxing and comforting facial treatment provided by NeWave™. Nano-sized Ionic steam is 4,000 times finer than normal steam that is easily absorbed by the skin, creating effectively supplement moisture.
With NeWave™ ‘s Nano-Ionic steam, it opens pores and soften the surface layer of dead skin cells to free any dirt, dead cells or bacteria trapped beneath the skin. It also helps to stimulate skin circulation, increase perspiration, and sweat out toxins and sebum build up around the follicles.
Besides the benefit of deep cleansing, NeWave™ Facial Steamer allows sufficient moisture that allows the skin to regain elasticity, providing the anti-aging benefits. It helps reduce wrinkles and improve overall texture and luster of the skin. Giving you a healthier and younger looking!
Tested and recommended by professionals.
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