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The Original TEI Spa Hair Sonic

The Original TEI Spa Hair Sonic By TEI Spa Tip Essentials Inc.

Hair Sonic: Scalp Cleansing & Massaging Brush

For Strong, Healthy, Radiant Hair

Experience the relaxing and reviving benefits of Hair Sonic today! TEI Spa’s unique combination of the Hair Sonic two step Scalp Cleansing and Massaging Brush help tone the scalp, encourage circulation and promote healthier, beautiful hair. By ensuring deep cleansing of oils and residue, massaging the scalp to simulate circulation and working in conjunction with hair enhancement treatments, the Hair Sonic promotes strong, healthy hair.

The Hair Sonic Features:

  • Hi cleansing action clears all deeply embedded debris and the excess of natural oils
  • Low gentle Massage action feels relaxing while promoting circulation of the scalp
  • Multi-Function Ergonomic Design
  • Non-Slip Rechargeable Handle
  • Cordless, Waterproof for Use in Shower

HOW IT WORKS: Hair health begins deep at the root where proper circulation provides essential nutrients to the hair bulb. A clean scalp allows hair to emerge strong, full and naturally shiny. A technical innovation, Hair Sonic is the first salon quality dual action tool for each at home use. Help protect the hair and achieve the strong, beautiful hair you envision.

DIRECTIONS: Place the unit on charger stand for 2 hours until fully charged before first-time use. For Cleansing: Wet hair, add shampoo and massage into foam. Apply the cleansing brush on Hi for 1-2 minutes. For Massage:  The hair can be wet or dry. Add your favorite conditioner or hair serum. Apply the massaging brush on Low for 2-3 minutes or depending on your personal preference.

Recommended and Used by Professional Hair Stylists

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